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25th January 2019
Listen Solution

Delivering brand owners an expertly, executed service, covering all aspects of FMCG packaging.

Packaging | POS | Promotional Campaigns | In-Store | Digital | Press | Advertising

We understand that each of our clients have unique commercial objectives, needs and challenges. As such, our business is configured to easily deliver bespoke, highly configurable workflows – we don’t do ‘one-size-fits all’.

As many of our existing clients know, our vast and in-depth knowledge and experience allows us to go the extra mile! By Listening to our clients and their needs, we are able to offer what others cannot! Listen Solution becomes an extension of your marketing and branding teams. We always exceed expectations, making sure we proactively respond when you are under pressure.

From our centrally located studio in the North West of England, staffed by experienced designers and FMCG production specialists, we can offer a fast turnaround on all types of projects.

You will be assigned an account manager who will not only understand your needs but will actively engage in suggesting improvements to your workflow process, to bring a new level of efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Creative Design

As brand guardians, we understand how brands work from the inside out. Understanding your brand strategy and your expectations, allows us to ensure any work we produce has a consistency to it, but also adheres to your commercial concerns. Most of all, we create work that reproduces correctly in any format. 

From pack design through to point of sale and advertising, our creativity and consistency across all levels and brand touch points allows the Listen Solution team to ensure they can effectively achieve standards that other primary agencies just can’t do.

We keep Listening to your needs and expectations of what your core brand is.

Our artwork team will ensure that master artworks for labels and products that have been produced in English are adapted for international markets easily and in a cost effective way. Our expertise in creating multi-language packs, dealing with translations, logistics and legalities are second to none. We have been doing this for our international clients for 50 years! Our online checking and annotation software ensures this process is efficient, global and transparent, avoiding costly mistakes.

Added to this, our in-house services of digital and online capabilities, animation and illustration, along with years of experience in attending press runs, all adds up to service you cannot afford to be without.

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