range label redesign.


To move the brand on by retaining all the core values that we have established. These elements like the colour, pattern and branding hold huge brand equity but we felt the brand was lacking in a more youthful appeal. The shift in consumer trends towards street foods led us to the conclusion that we needed to strip back the current look and make it a little less conservative.


Looking at traditional Indian block printing, we took existing elements of the current packaging with a more hand finished feel. To give the pattern an authentic feel, we cut these out in traditional ways to create the wood blocks. By having the wooden printing blocks laser cut - we had a mixture of old vs new! A hot foil stamp onto a matt finish helped retain a premium price point.


There is archaeological evidence that an early form of block printing on textiles existed in India as far back as 3000 BCE. The art of block printing begins with designs hand-carved into wooden blocks of various shapes and sizes called bunta, usually using teakwood. Each block is carved to be used in a single colour, allowing the motifs on the fabric to come together in a single intricate design.